The 44 AutoMag
This gun was made famous by Clint Eastwood’s character of Harry Callahan in the
Recce Rifle
WHAT IS A RECCE RIFLE? The term ‘recce’ indicates a British Commonwealth slang for
The 44 Special Revolver
A hundred years ago, the .44 Special previously used black powder which had been
There exists a form of a customized homemade pistol made by sawing off the
22 Pistols
The .22 LR and .22 handguns are some of the oldest, most famous and
Over on the Survival Cache Survival Forums (which I moderate and visit frequently) a
Two men were sitting in a car when they were spotted by two thieves
Whitworth Rifle
Designed by Sir J. Whitworth in the year before 1855, the Whitworth rifle was
Carcano Rifle
The death of the president brought many sad woes and tales, one of which
Pen Gun
Can a pen really be mightier than the sword as Edward Bulwer Lytton, the
In a world of insane terrorist attacks, a never-ending war in Afghanistan, and a
I’m going to hazard the guess that anyone coming on this site is at
Woman with Assault Rifle
February 19th, 2014 – Detroit, MI: An older story, but still a good one
October 17, 2016: Los Altos Hills, CA: A Georgia man, identified as William Brady,
A St. Louis, MO man found himself in an ugly situation when a pair
Sig Sauer MPX-C 9mm Carbine
I was recently able to spend some time with a personal wet dream of
The Bullets
A couple years ago, I wrote the following article on our sister site, .
Found this older article online a little while ago. It’s a quick rundown on
9mm Handguns
Here’s an article pulled from the GunsAmerica blog. It’s a couple years old, but
In the f, Somali pirates seized an oil tanker owned by Aurora Ship Management
Sig Sauer M17
As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the U.S. Army decided on January 19th,
Grizzly Bear
In August, Guide Phil Shoemaker was taking two clients to a small stream which
Police Officer
I remember reading this article a couple years ago, and so I was glad
Mullah Abdul Salam
The Taliban recently , the illegitimate governor of Kunduz. As the governor of Kunduz,
Sig Sauer P320
Maybe Glock is demanding a recount. It seems that the Austrian company is protesting
Self-Defense Gun
My morning over-coffee interwebs search brought this article from Bearing Arms to my screen.
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